Friday, February 19, 2010

No Tweezers? Please... try these.

9:56am and the red light is brightly blinking in urgency.  All morning, alerts on my mobile annoyed me with countless emails offering 20%-30% discounts or free gwp of some caliber or another.  But this time the blinking felt different - important.  And when I picked up my phone, it was confirmed. 

Bff text: "omg, i mean. i cant find my tweezers anywhere. my guy-brows are starting to set in!"

I have this "connection" with her that I just cannot explain.  When one of us is in need, the other just knows. Does that happen to you ever? I mean, the incidences range from small things such as buying the same item just in a different color to big things like picking up the phone to call as it rings.  what? why are you laugh-  We rock different styles and the chances of either of us having free time for the phone is practically null!  you may smirk, but I think it's ESP;)  I know, I know, make fun all you want.  It's true though.  And yes, having "guybrows" IS an emergency when you are supposed to be groomed as a professional under the careful watch of everyone around you.  Be honest everyone.  Guybrows = Emergency.

As you can see here, fuller brows are more fashionable these days, but notice, Camilla Belle: oy vey.

So let's move on to the solution.
Have you spent the night at your boyfriend's apartment? pulled an all-nighter at work? tweezers fell in the toilet mid-tweeze because "someone" left the seat up?  Just have a few strays that you missed at home but caught while you were out? Fear not.

Grab your Sunnies or your Specs

SECRET:  Fold in one arm. Hold the frame of your glasses still (you can hold the middle of the frame if you want). With your writing hand, leverage the arm so that you can pinch the hair, then pluck.
Get it?  Pinch, Pull, Pluck.

...or try this...



If you feel like an expert, I suppose you could also try plucking with the curved bobby pins too, but it might be a bit slippery slope straight into the eye. besides, I don't like the look of that overhang. 

I know it's a bit crude. But if it's all you've got, then you do what you have to do!

*much love and respect to my muse, EJ, for the inspiration,
and to IrishDancingNerd 
for sharing a funny story that fueled my blog.  And I quote:
 "It was challenging, yet more successful than one might think."

nuff said! Happy Friday my Friends:)

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No Tweezers? Please... try these.
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