Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Signs of Spring


I know it's a bit early to be posting flowers and blue skies, but, hey, if the runways are already flaunting diaphanous, floaty fashions seen here at Style-Eyes-Fashion-Blog, then I'm almost running late with it, don't you agree?  I'll admit, I still have a post in a draft regarding a trip to the snow, but can't help but notice the small signs that are tempting me away from the ominous clouds and biting wind towards a world with comforting sunshine and exposed collarbones.

It amazes me how much  I am drawn to wildflowers.
Diamonds in the Rough really...
Crisp Sample of What's to Come
Beginnings of Bouganvilla
...Resting Amongst the Fragrant Bloom of Jasmine.
Peek o' Blue
And that little reminder that we could all use a Car Wash
(stuck behind this guy for 20minutes at least...)
Speaking of Needing a Bath
Blackberry Sauce is over and done with (for now),  and I have found a new friend in Red Licorice.

I love it so much, I would Andy Warhol it if I could
...and I'll leave you with my favorite dress that I'll probably never find (image from, love, love...
Hurry up spring!!!

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Signs of Spring
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