Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Get Rid of Pins and Needles

In A Prickle?
Do you ever find yourself working on a project for hours but spread out all over the floor?  Maybe you sit at the computer all day working on research or reports?  Don't you hate when you've been sitting on a leg wrong or laying your head in your hand  for a little too long only to experience the oh-so-uncomfortable feelings of pins and needles shooting through your extremities?
First, enter the pregnant pause as you first get up; it is now when the initial tingle begins, but you know the pain is coming...
Finally, your hands, fingers, feet, and/or toes are filled with an internal, massive and unrelenting explosion of unnerving, prickly fire.
I Think you'll like the Results of This Solution! 
So I was up late the other night watching this new show with Bear Grylls called, "Worst Case Scenario."
(*Aside: I'm the first to agree that he's done some raunchy stunts on "Man v. Wild" for survival, but he did redeem himself in my eyes after sharing the following piece of advice.)

Basically, Bear shares a tip that you'll never forget because you'll probably use it a lot from now on...  

As soon as you feel the lack of circulation pause before the rush of the storm, 
SLOWLY and GENTLY Rock Your Head from side to side 
(ear down towards shoulder)
to get the circulation going.

If done correctly, you may be able to avoid the whole pins and needles experience entirely.
Now, I can't think of one person who won't appreciate this one, so feel free to Share!


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How to Get Rid of Pins and Needles
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