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How To Get Sand Off Of Your Body Parts EASILY After A Day At The Beach

Sand On, Sand Off!
Well Hello Sunshine:)
I hope this little note from paradise finds you well.  I know I've been on a bit of a vacation but I must say I miss you all and will catch up with your comments and blogs as soon as I can find a decent internet connection.  I love hearing from all of you!! So I hope you can forgive me; you see, I've prepared this little BRB S.O.S. to make it up to you.

Like me, if you have been enjoying the "extended" version of the long weekend as an excuse to take a vacation on a sandy beach under the hot sun, then this tip is just for you.

Throughout the Summer (and yes, it's almost here), and especially this weekend in particular, we have planned and packed for the long haul.  It's been days since we've seen the car (where'd we park again?).  We have staked our claim on some prime real estate in front of the vast aquamarine sea, set at the perfect distance so that the tide will certainly Not soak our perfectly peaceful dream come true.
 Many times we stay at the beach and continue the festivities to the local bar or bonfire gathering.  Some of us are lucky enough to have a nearby beachhouse to go to.  Many of us change with supreme finesse under our towels.  Most of us cannot muster the energy to treck back to our vehicles so we do what we can near the showers and the public restrooms. 
Either way, the step from wet, sandy swimsuit to dry, comfortable dress is never quite as easy as it should be, am I right?

Sand is so nice...until you have to get the grainy nuisance out of the, well um, more hidden areas of your body!!

Here's How To Get Sand Off in A Flash:
(works well getting it off of your children too!)

1. Grab the Talcum Powder
(Burt's Bees has an incredible powder and it smells subtle and fresh.
Baby Powder works but do You want to smell like a freshly changed diaper before that potentially romantic bonfire, hmmmm??)

2. Sprinkle It Liberally Where Needed
(Under the bikini bottom area, Under Armpits, On the back, neck, and sparingly behind the ears)

3. Towel It All Off

4. Now that the sand is off, you can use a wet washcloth and some lotion to get you back to Glowing Goddess/God;)

Talcum Powder also Helps:
TO GET SAND OUT OF EYES - close eyes and sprinkle some on face then gently brush off sand with ease
TO GET SAND OUT OF HAIR - put a little in your hands and rub it gently into your scalp then use fingers to work it out of hair (this absorbs oil too)
TO GET IT OUT OF A BABY'S DIAPER - again, sprinkle on then gently towel off.

Hope This Helps You Too.
I love having powder on hand.  It's gotten me out of so many binds. I can't tell you how many times it's saved me the trouble of getting all that crusty sand off of my body parts, hence no annoying dirt on perfectly prepared outfits.  Enjoy your newfound comfort and easily slip into your next activity with confidence!
Hopefully, you have at least one more day in the sun my lovelies.  Don't forget your sunscreen;)
I'll see your sunkissed faces soon.


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How To Get Sand Off Of Your Body Parts EASILY After A Day At The Beach
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