Thursday, May 13, 2010

Survival of the Fittest and Hottest Genes - Georgia May on My Mind

Just Need to Admit We're Mere Mortals
What is the late night show that has an opening act where the host shows us what the spawn of  dating ubercelebrities will look like as adults?  Remember how the faces would look so ridiculously unappetizing with girls having mustaches and other things to lol about?  Well, here is one example of where our envious hopes of irony are completely debunked.
This is the exact ad for Hudson Jeans that had me hooked.
 Georgia May Jagger has the best of the modeling (Jerry Hall) and musical (Mick Jagger) worlds for parents and just may accomplish what their original intentions probably were - 
Taking Over The World - 
The New Face of Versace
House of Versace is supporting the perfect genes from the House of Jagger?  Makes sense to me.  I can't even imagine what kind of Heat is generated when you are in the throes of passion with Mick and his Lips.  Articulating such a description is futile.  Thank God for the Pretty Pictures...

I'm assuming we'll be seeing much more of this one after the recent nomination for Model of the Year in the U.K and now that she's officially an adult.  The online blog on Modelinia says it best,
"If you don’t know Georgia May Jagger by now, there’s no way she’ll escape you now."


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Survival of the Fittest and Hottest Genes - Georgia May on My Mind
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