Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vintage Advantage

Life really is balanced.  
Just got word from my husband that my shopping budget is pretty much null until further notice :( 
However, my mom graciously allowed me the honor of sorting through her den closet for some really amazing vintage finds :)
I had a couple of slip-ups and purchased 2 items that I'm still in the doghouse for :)...:(:(
My Mom informed me she regrets giving "boxes" of her stuff to charity already :(...karma...:_(
My Mom gave me belts that belonged to the vintage pieces that are now good as gone... :(...  ... :)
The stuff I have in my closet needs to be sorted through anyway (will be setting up an ebay account and there will be some fashionable items in the lucky hands of the local charities soon) :)
I've always had luck in finding amazing pieces :) :)

Here is a wonderful piece from Saks Fifth Avenue (Vintage Saks!).  I love this muted, amber-rose color and the fabric feels thick but light at the same time like raw cotton.
Vintage Saks Blouse, 1920s Silk Pinstriped Lace Express Tank, Lucky Brand Jeans
What I love about vintage is that it is usually really well made.

The carefully crafted details of the precise darting at the shoulders and cuffs cannot compare to today's mass marketed products.  Even the purple veined, ball buttons whisper of well thought out design.  The stitching is impeccable which I suppose is critical when using a burgundy contrasting thread.  Even the paisley pattern is well planned in its simplicity.
As I mentioned, this particular blouse is of a raw cotton nature.  It breathes well but needs to be ironed under the lowest setting.

Aside from organizing my closet once again, this weekend will involve activities that hopefully revolve around re-discovering other very special things that I already exist in my life;)
If we open our eyes to the present, we can see what is before us.


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