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They thrive in fish bowls and special tanks especially those with live or imitation plants. Bettas are also called siamese fighting fish because they were selectively bred in thailand for fighting and male bettas are known to fight other males to the death.

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Red orange yellow green blue black and purple as well as metallic hues pastels and white.

Buy fighting fish. Live betta aquarium fish. You ll find betta fish with all shades of the rainbow. Bettas shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices highest quality online.

Pet shops discount superstores florists and even websites sell bettas who are forced to live in minuscule cups small bowls and even flower vases. We have lots of siamese fighting fish for sale in our facility. All pets purchased at petsmart are raised under our exclusive vet assured program and come with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

Betta fish take their name from an ancient clan of warriors known as the bettah also called the siamese fighting fish they were prized in the 1800s when the idea of pitting them against each other for sport became popular in their native. Call 1 877 367 4377 to order. Betta fish are called the siamese fighting fish because of its behavior towards other males of the same species.

How can you tell the gender of the betta fish. This freshwater species looks great anywhere. If more than one male fish are placed in the same tank they will fight until only one of them remains.

These fish are easy to care for making them a low maintenance exotic pet. Males are available in many many colors and patterns and so are females. In the cruel pet trade betta fish aka siamese fighting fish are fighting for their lives.

Live fish availability is seasonal and pricing may vary by store location and petsmart cannot price match on live pets. Siamese fighting fish click here now to buy male siamese fighting fish. State and local regulations may apply to stores near you.

Buy the best from the best. Siamese fighting fish if you are looking siamese fighter fish or betta splenden for your aquarium fish tank we have a collection of high quality livestock available online. You cannot keep two or more males in the same tank.

Betta fish are beautiful to look at and peaceful to watch. This is the face of a premium unique male red betta fish. Free shipping over 149.

Fishchick aquatics home of quality siamese fighting fish since 2004. Our vet assured program is designed by. All stock held on site is sourced from ethical breeders and are quarantined onsite and rigorously monitored for any signs of distress or ill health to help ensure the.

You can even buy betta fish to brighten up the office.

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