Ancient Greece Quiz

In greek mythology what did the golden arrow of eros make people do. Also referred to as the cradle of western civilization the greeks made vast contributions in technology medicine and literature.

Chapter 5 Ancient Greeks Proprofs Quiz

What is the king of all gods in the greek mythology.

Ancient greece quiz. Ancient greek men wore knee length chitons and woman wore ones that draped to the floor. The ancient greeks had little impact on the rest of the world other than the olympic games. It was a powerful civilization with little lasting influence.

Take the ancient greece quiz see all quizzes go to topic question 1 what were ancient greek tunics called. Homer click to see the correct answer 3. Did the greeks and the romans worship a goddess of love.

What do you know about ancient greece. Ancient greek government city states democracy monarchy oligarchy. The ancient romans wore togas.

Daily life in ancient greece. Early ancient greece minoans myceneans dorians greek dark age. Read more about the achievements of the ancient greeks.

Which monstrous serpent was the guardian of delphi before being defeated by apollo. Next question kirtles. Ancient greek quiz questions and answers.

Five themes of ancient greece geography. Next question togas. Ancient greek gods goddesses and magical beings.

Question 1 out of 10. Next question loincloths. All quizzes are interactive with answers.

From the city called the birthplace of democracy to alexander the great s origin explore the world of ancient greece in this quiz. The history of ancient greece spanned a period between 750 bc and 146 bc ending when the greeks were conquered by the romans. All of the above.

Sort fact from fiction in this quiz of battles philosophers and all things ancient greece. Greek culture had a large impact on asian culture including china and japan. Start this quiz you have vm secondsperquiz seconds to answer each question.

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge about some basic facts of ancient greek history via the lives of socrates plato and aristotle. Was naples italy founded by greeks. Ancient greece via socrates plato and aristotle 10 questions.

Much of today s western culture is founded on ancient greek culture. Fight with each other c. Average 10 qns bernie73 nov 18 15.

Kirtle is a tudor word for a dress or gown.

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