How To Look After A Baby Magpie

Definitely call someone who knows how to take care of a baby magpie and get them to look after it. Keep the bowl filled on a daily basis.

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Cats are a real danger.

How to look after a baby magpie. Obviously if it is on a road or in a back yard where there is a resident cat sometimes intervening is the only option. Wildlife carers and veterinarians all over australia receive an abundant amount of phone calls each nesting season from concerned residents who have found a baby magpie in their travels. Provide your magpie with a cage which is large enough to enable it to flap its wings in any dimension.

Offer a commercial wild bird food including millet in a separate bowl. Lay paper at the bottom of the cage. If you can manage to raise it for a good while it will be accepted back into the magpie community they ll congregate locally to source out it s calls.

Feeding magpies diet feeding guidelines and warnings feeding magpies as magpie breeding season approaches it is more important than ever to ensure you are feeding magpies the healthiest and most nutritious foods as possible the parents to be are passing on to their nestlings a great deal of what you feed them. Place a perch at either end of the cage. If the young bird s parents are alive and healthy and of course the baby bird is uninjured and not in intermediate danger it is always best that these little ones stay with their parents.

If you are ever concerned about the welfare of a magpie our best advice is to observe the baby for a period of time to see if the parents are coming and going and whether the bird is actually in any danger. Then feed the mush to the baby bird every two hours. Offer pink or day old mice to your magpie once or twice a week.

Keep it indoors at night like in a large enclosed patio with window covers cos it will fly into glass and injure itself. It is illegal to capture buy sell or cage british wild birds but the law allows you to look after one if it is injured see resources. To feed it get dog biscuits and pour boiling water on them and leave them soak until you can mush them up.

We found this baby sitting in our street apparently abandoned. This will take at least half an hour maybe more. Strips of lean meat and worms will also be readily accepted by the magpie.

We left maggie we decided to call her him for the day to see if parents would come back and feed her as instructed by the rspb.

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