Green Blob Plant

These are easy to grow and have ornamental foliage. Goldenrod a gall represents the plant s reaction to damage caused by an invading agent.

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But there are other agents that cause galls to develop on other plants.

Green blob plant. With so many species and varieties available sedums can be found in bloom three seasons a year. Green blob is a versatile and low maintenance solution for many garden situations. In the case of azalea galls that agent is a fungus see below.

There are two main types of sedums creeping or upright. Sedums make great container plants and can take extreme drought. Small gardens or spaces.

The creeping types are great as a groundcover in rock gardens and growing through cracks in walls. Ornamental fleshy foliage for year round interest. Rockeries gravel or dry garden landscapes.

Ideal for container planting or the garden bed they enjoy a full sun position and are dry tolerant. Forms a cushion like mound making a highly textural ground cover. The paris zoo exhibits a bright yellow organism that can solve problems even though it doesn t have a brain and can heal itself if it is cut in two.

Ground cover or edging for paths driveways. Sedum green blob full sun. Sedum spurium green blob.

They are symbiotic with microscopic chlorella algae which live inside the ophrydium cells and give the blob its green color. The individual cells line up side by side in the blob and attach themselves to a jelly like substance they secrete. A diverse group of plants sedums come in a myriad of shapes colors and sizes.

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