How To Tell If An Opal Is Real

Usually you will see synthetic opal sold as uniform shapes often in multiples within a piece of jewellery or as sets. Check to see if the opal is transparent or if it has a white body tone.

How To Tell If An Opal Is Real

Most real opals are mined in australia which is the opal capital of the world.

How to tell if an opal is real. It is made from a resin mixture so it is. Do not use a. Side view of the opal.

The back of the opal. If the top of the opal stone magnifies the aesthetics of the stone it is likely to be real. Lifting if your opal becomes cloudy after a while you are probably looking at a triplet or doublet.

Here are some stand out factors. Synthetic stones often appear glossy at the top. Foil and coloured tinsel is often used to give the impression that a stone is authentic.

From a side view a real opal should look solid. When you look at the side of the opal check to see if it has distinct visible layers. However if an opal only appears to have colors immediately below the surface it may be a fake.

Look at the opal in strong white light. If it does then you can be pretty. The fake opal may contain a percentage of hydrated silica but will not be exactly the same in chemical composition.

The most common form of synthetic opal found on the market is the gilson synthetic. If the opal appears to have multiple layers of color then this is a good indication that it is a real stone. Be careful of purchasing imitation stones.

Firstly synthetic or lab created opal is made in a lab it did not come out of the ground. How to identify fake opal gilson synthetic opal. If the opal is a natural stone then even with cutting and polishing it may not be entirely.

This cloudiness happens when a triplet or doublet has been worn in water over a long period of time causing the glue between the layers to deteriorate and allow water penetration. Check the country of origin. Solid natural opals in contrast are transparent or white.

Let justin teach you how to spot a synthetic opal with 3 simple tips so next time you are not sure if your opal is real you will have the tools to find out yourself. Doublets and triplets usually look darker and more opaque than real opal as they have a non opal layer attached to the back. This is the newest type of synthetic to hit the market.

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