Each Others Or Each Other S

Chandra asked is it each other or eachother. The rule is that each will always be followed by a singular.

A Good Relationship Is When Two People Accept Each Other S Past

Think of it this way.

Each others or each other s. I never know whether it s one word or two in standard english each other is always two words. Both forms are common. The students marked each other s papers.

John and mary promised to love each other forever. Where does the apostrophe go. Sometimes people who are learning english find this confusing because the pair can sound like one word in spoken english.

I saw this in an article online today. Each other s is always correct and each others is never correct. You would never say we talked to each others for hours.

And that difference is. You would say we talked to each other for hours. Since each other s basically means mutually the other person s and we wouldn t say the other person s faces unless the other person is two faced it makes more sense to say each other s face.

Each other should only be used to describe two individuals while one another should only describe three or more. If you remember that everything in front of the apostrophe has to be a word you know that it cannot be each others because there is no such word as each others there is just one person involved. They agreed to take care of each other s wellbeing above all else the apostrophe is used to indicate possession and it comes before the s not after it.

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