Can You Have A Pet Fox In Australia

There are different breeds of fox terriers from other countries. And are illegal to keep or own in every state in australia.

Australian Dingo Canis Dingo Found In Australia Regarded As

If you are moving to queensland or are considering buying an exotic animal to keep as a pet it is important to know which animals you are allowed to keep as pets.

Can you have a pet fox in australia. You could get a permit for existing domestic foxes if they were already in captivity. Keeping exotic animals as pets in queensland. Not surprisingly dogs and cats are the most.

Foxes are feral animals. Some animals have been smuggled in or hitch hiked on vessels. According to the animals medicines australia 2016 survey some two thirds of australian households have pets more than 24 million animals in total.

Some introduced animals have become serious pests in queensland that attack pets and damage crops the environment and the economy. Thankfully they appear to have failed to breed and produce a sustainable wild population. Fox terriers can live almost anywhere.

It s important to keep in mind however that owning a fox is unlike owning dogs and cats. Some animals are illegal to keep in queensland without a permit. They are simply a breed from australia.

They therefore are totally prohibited in this state. I think that is an african bat. Foxes are not known to exist in tasmania.

The practice of keeping so called exotic pets is controversial but to anyone who approves of owning pet cats the arguments against it don t always hold much water. In canada fox terriers are on of the preferred breeds. Each household is only allowed up to 6 native wild animals foxes squirrels raccoons and some other species.

Quite simply you can t with the introduction of the fox control order of nsw effectively closing the rules nationwide. And none of those photos you have attached actually show a fox. Andrew sutherland lives in australia 1970 present answered jul 17 2018 author has 677 answers and 143 4k answer views.

In addition to import any fox from out of state you will be required to obtain a one time importation permit presumably this is given to pet owners for the cost of 25.

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