Old Guy Kicks Snake

Man selecting cobras for snake show. Old man shows no fear as he walks up and casually kicks a brown snake.

Snakes In Movies

Once he s defeated the snake he continues on his path like the hero he.

Old guy kicks snake. Though a 200 pound chinese boar s hiding in plain sight his massive size and desperation make for a hard catch as tranquilizers. Sneaky snake and unstoppable boar keep rescuers busy when wildlife aid s simon cowell gets an after dark phone call about a homeowner s bathroom snake intruder little does he expect the entire film crew will have team up to find the small expertly hiding reptile. This old man has balls.

Nico jovanovic recommended for you. One of the world s deadliest reptiles. A man was filmed kicking at a venomous snake at a queensland beach.

When he encounters a brown snake he s not scared. Hahahahahahah possibly the funniest video ive seen. Selection of snakes for the snake show cobra slap duration.

He kicks the reptile twice to show him who s boss.

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Snakes In Movies

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