How Did Vikings Start Fires

Shave away the outside. Lenses which are thicker at the center than at the border such as these viking age rock crystal lenses have the property of concentrating solar light to a very small hot point.

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I don t know that they d use any liquid to start a fire.

How did vikings start fires. Presumably they d use animal fats tallow blubber and the like to keep a small fire going but to start a fire they d probably use amadou to catch sparks from striking flint and iron pyrite together much as had been done in northern europe since the stone age. They used urine to start fires vikings lived a large part of their lives on the go. Because they did not have lighters they would collect a tree fungus called touchwood and boil it for several days in their own urine.

They would collect a fungus called. This allowed them to have a portable material that would smolder instead of burn. Tinder fungus grows on trees.

After the mixture was done they would pound it into a felt like substance. Fires were kept lit in houses all the time and woe to the child who was supposed to be watching it and it went out. Diagram showing use of rock crystal lens to start fire.

Break the fungus into strips or flakes. How to use tinder fungus to start a fire. Vikings used a unique liquid to start fires and were known for their excellent hygiene.

Clean freaks though they were the vikings had no qualms about harnessing the power of one human waste product. Vikings didn t have gasoline so they had to be more creative when coming up with a liquid to start fires. But the viking fire is burning again and i really hope that you guys will start to practice this method.

Make a spark over the fungus flakes. This has been in use in finland and in scandinavia way before the more known flint and. Vikings would take a fungus from tree bark called touchwood and boil it in urine for several days.

Fire starting using a rock crystal lens as with any type of burning glass relies upon the light of the sun. You can also use other fungi for fire starting. Vikings used a unique liquid to start fires.

The simple answer to this question is by striking flint and steel. Find your tinder fungus. Lots of types of fungi work as tinder.

Lighting a fire was a big deal in the middle ages both incredibly common place and sometimes not that easy to do if the conditions weren t right. Then they d pound it into a felt like state.

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