How To Tell The Gender Of A Blue Tongue Lizard

You can tell the sex of blue tongue lizard females have a thin pointy head and males have a broad stumpy head when compared next to a female ive been using this method since i was a young child and. Blue tongues display very little sexual dimorphism.

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Males often have a larger and more triangular head a thicker tail base slimmer sides and a huskier throat than females.

How to tell the gender of a blue tongue lizard. Gender determination is difficult unless you observe social interactions observe one or both of your lizard s hemipenes or find a seminal plug. By far the best methods to sex a blue tongue skink are firstly observing them mount a female or seeing if they have hemipenes or observing them drop seminal plugs. They originated in australia and they are the largest among the skink family.

Unlike species such as chameleons which display a high degree of sexual dimorphism male and female blue tongued skinks look virtually identical. To determine the gender your blue tongue skink look at these factors. The blue tongue lizards are originally called the blue tongued skinks.

Most of us have heard the basic tips and tricks. Body length females are usually longer than males. Sexing blue tongued skinks tiliqua spp can be terribly frustrating but it is really not that difficult if you know what to look for.

Head shape and size males usually have larger and broader heads but it s not always true. These lizards are very unique and their name comes from the color of their tongue.

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