White Tip Reef Shark

Their favorite reef configurations include caves and ledges that they use for protection. Unlike the blacktip shark which have black marks on the end of their fins the whitetip have white marks.

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The whitetip reef shark is typically a bottom dwelling fish tending to prefer relatively shallow waters around coral and rock reefs with interspersed sandy areas.

White tip reef shark. In the hawaiian islands it can be observed resting in caves or under ledges for an extended period. The whitetip reef shark is also known as the triaenodon obesus. Additionally this shark matures late and has small litters.

Though slow moving they are opportunistic and. The whitetip reef population isn t in danger but this shark lives in shallow water in a restricted habitat where fisheries can catch it easily using gill nets and longlines. The whitetip reef shark triaenodon obesus is a species of requiem shark in the family carcharhinidae and the only member of its genus a small shark does not usually exceed 1 6 m 5 2 ft in length so this species is easily recognizable by its slender body and short but broad head as well as tubular skin flaps beside the nostrils oval eyes with vertical pupils and white tipped dorsal.

This species is easily spotted due to its curious irregular and waving swimming style and of course the white tip on its dorsal fin. The whitetip reef shark is a slim medium sized shark characterized by its white tipped dorsal and tail fins that give this species its name. Its stocky body is most notable for its long white tipped rounded fins.

The whitetip reef shark also referred to as the blunthead shark is quite sluggish compared to other species within the triaenodon family and they are small to medium in size. Associated with the coral reef environment the whitetip reef shark is found throughout the indian and pacific oceans. The whitetip reef shark gets its name because of the white tips on its first dorsal fin and caudal fin.

Along with the blacktip reef shark and gray reef shark it is one of the most frequent sharks in the indo pacific. Whitetip reef sharks are known for using their slender bodies to maneuver through caves and crevices throughout their coral reef habitats in the indian and pacific oceans. The oceanic whitetip shark carcharhinus longimanus also known as brown milbert s sand bar shark brown shark lesser white shark nigano shark oceanic white tipped whaler and silvertip shark is a large pelagic requiem shark inhabiting tropical and warm temperate seas.

White tipped reef sharks have rounded snouts and are more common throughout galapagos than the other species. The whitetip reef shark triaenodon obesus is a species of requiem shark and the only member of its genus. The white tipped reef shark triaenodon obesus is a requiem shark of the family carcharhinidae the only member of the genus triaenodon.

This shark has a slim body with a short wide head a blunt flattened snout and oval shaped eyes.

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