5 Gallon Bucket Herb Garden

For a bucket garden you will need 5 gallon buckets and a few 10 gallon buckets. The flavor they add to your diet is worth it after a few weeks of bland tasteless food.

Self Watering Bucket Garden At Menards

Cordless drill with 1 2 inch drill bit.

5 gallon bucket herb garden. And compared to the cost of expensive containers it s hard to beat the 3 to 4 price tag of a 5 gallon bucket. Drive a stake in the middle to support the plant. You can fit a half dozen herbs inside of a single 5 gallon bucket or more.

1 feature plant for each bucket. 2 to 3 filler plants for each bucket. Frequently harvesting leaves and stems keeps plants in check and ensures that they don t overgrow one another.

Saw the bottoms off two 5 gallon buckets and drill two inch holes at regular intervals around the edges of both buckets. Remember do not use buckets that were filled with toxic chemicals to grow vegetables. You can still use those buckets to grow ornament plants in them but not edible plants.

Then cut a 1 3 4 hole near but not touching the outside edge of the bucket base. This is where your nursery pot will reside. Enough 50 50 potting soil compost blend to fill all the buckets.

This smaller circle will support the pvc drainage pipe. Plant only 1 tomato per bucket. A five gallon bucket with lid is a great way to store charcoal and keep it dry.

You can find them from a local home improvement store and from restaurant food suppliers. Here are just some of the plants that grow well in a 5 gallon 19 l bucket and how many of them can be grown in one. They can also be stacked vertically to increase your growing area.

1 plastic 5 gallon bucket for each plant. Thyme rosemary basil cilantro and chives grow well with each other. Now we often use a sturdy five gallon bucket as a seat as we work our way down berry canes picking raspberries.

Onions have many different variants including shallots red white and large onions grow very well in buckets filled with about 6 inches of soil. We carry one along as we weed tossing the freshly pulled culprits into the bucket for safe and easy disposal. Tomatoes cherry or bush tomatoes work best.

The 5 gallon bucket is actually a perfect vessel for growing vegetables and annuals. Five gallon buckets can not only be used joined up side by side in a greenhouse or elsewhere in your garden. For the larger varieties you should plant 4 5 per 5 gallon bucket.

Roll of burlap if you d like to cover the bucket jute or plastic twine. Simply sprinkle seeds using a tablespoon on the top of the bucket and cover up with to of soil. Not to mention they can often even be found for free.

At 14 inches high and 12 in diameter it allows plenty of room for deep wide roots. Step 1 using a 3 1 2 hole saw cut a 3 1 2 hole in the middle of the bottom of a 5 gallon plastic bucket.

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