African Night Crawlers

African night crawlers are native the warm regions of west africa but now vermicomposters in tropic and sub tropic climates all over the world are using them as composting and bait worms. African nightcrawlers eudrillus eugeniae african nightcrawlers can grow to 6 8 long have a flat belly and a purplish sheen.

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Temperatures less than 60 f or greater than 86 f for extend periods of time can be fatal.

African night crawlers. African nightcrawlers scientific name. African nightcrawlers anc are one of the best worms for quickly decomposing organic matter and for significantly improving soil health. Whether your compost bin needs a workhorse or your soil needs a medic rocky mountain organic supply can supply you with healthy energetic nightcrawlers excellent for vermicomposting and gardening.

Optimum production of african nightcrawlers is between 70 f and 85 f. 1 lb african nightcrawlers. African nightcrawlers need the same care as any other worm genus requiring five fundamental essentials.

The best worm for composting fishing and worm casting. Eudrilus eugeniae are also known as anc s or africans. African nightcrawlers have a unique coloring being a mix of grey and purple.

The african nightcrawler eudrilus eugeniae scientific name is truly an amazing composting worm. Proper bedding worm feedstock moisture aeration and controlled temperature. 2 lbs african nightcrawlers.

They breed faster than red worms and grow bigger than european night crawlers. Maximum weight can be achieved in 8 10 weeks. Contains approx 300 large worms.

3 lbs african nightcrawlers. African nightcrawler eudrilus eugeniae can measure up to 4 8 inches long. Usually averages 600 1000 worms per pound.

They are rapidly becoming the favorite composting worm of those who want to produce higher quantities of worm compost castings in less time. They have huge appetites they will eat up to 150 of their own body weight each day if given the proper environment and proper amount of food. African nightcrawlers eudrillus eugeniae these are one of the most amazing composting worms that i have ever seen.

Fills approximately 25 bait cups. Due to their voracious appetites and ability to quickly reproduce african night crawlers are quickly gaining popularity with vermicomposters. The african nightcrawler has a uniform purple grey sheen.

African nightcrawlers are copious producers of worm castings which are body wastes used to enrich composts and soils for crop production.

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