Best Homemade Zombie Weapons

Top 10 best devastating melee weapons for killing zombies 1 survival machete. If you don t have a baseball bat you can use a leg from a table or chair.

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Best homemade zombie weapons. All you need is a baseball bat super glue and nails. Homemade weapons part 4. Any bladed weapon could.

They re light sharp and typically have a holster you can attach to a belt when you re not using it. Unsubscribe from extreme trends. The kukri is a traditional nepalese or indian weapon.

Plus its shape means you can easily hide it in your jacket or carry it hanging off of your survival belt. It s badass relatively easy to make and highly effective when the shtf. 7 zombie go boom.

Best apocalyptic weapon challenge. Deadliest homemade zombie weapons. The longer and heavier the pipe the slower it s going to be and therefore more difficult to swing.

Like the metal pipe below you can modify this weapon tool as well. Zombie survivor show ep. Making these self defense weapons the perfect tool for bashing out a zombie s brains.

Metal pipe a makeshift blunt force trauma weapon. I wanted to come right out of the gate with my very favorite homemade survival weapon. Crowbars also double as an excellent scavenging tool.

Used in ceremonies and religious rites the. 13 of our favorite homemade survival weapons. Used in tropical and subtropical countries the machete is used to cut through rainforest.

You will need to scavenge during the zombie apocalypse and many people reason that a multipurpose weapon tool like the crowbar will make for the perfect zombie weapon. If you have the time and supplies create an arsenal of spiked clubs. 50 mind blowing homemade zombie weapons.

The tomahawk has been hailed as one of the best tactical weapons because it can do things like dig a foxhole open security doors chopping wood setting up camp and self defense. Machetes are a classic and effective weapon for a zombie apocalypse.

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