What Can Be Used As A Tourniquet

Diy and improvised tourniquets. Take care to.

How To Use A Tourniquet Correctly

Write the time the tourniquet was applied onto the tourniquet itself or onto the casualty.

What can be used as a tourniquet. A simple triangular bandage cravat or even a neck tie would do a far better job than any belt that buckles. Prolonged use of a tourniquet starves the cells of blood and can result in possible amputation. Place the elastic ring tourniquet on the hand foot.

One person is responsible for holding the patient s limb the other will place the device on the limb with the. The best makeshift tourniquets are between one and two inches wide and made of a pliable enough material that a windlass can be inserted to tighten the material until the bleeding stops. It s next to impossible to block all blood flow with something like a torn shirt.

Cut or remove clothing so that the tourniquet is applied to bare skin. They remain a second line treatment when direct pressure is not possible or insufficient to control bleeding. A windlass is a lever that can be used to twist the tourniquet tighter.

The majority of the devices require a two man operation with the exception of the extra large model. In one case a man working near a computer saved his own life by using computer cords. If you must apply a tourniquet make sure the person understands the reason for the tourniquet and warn the person that it might be painful.

Pens flashlights rulers sticks a gun magazine or any other solid object of similar size can do the job. The tourniquet stops or significantly slows blood flow to keep the person from bleeding out from an injury. Anything can be used as a windlass as long as it is strong enough to hold the tourniquet and can be secured in place.

Tourniquets can be painful. You will need a stick or other item strong enough to act as a windlass. In the movies you ll often see impromptu tourniquets made out of a torn shirt telephone cord or something else similar.

Unfortunately diy tourniquets aren t likely to work. However the body needs blood to function. Please remember that although tourniquets can save lives their use should not be taken lightly.

Prolonged application of such a medical device may cause tissue death also known as necrosis. Consider using pens or pencils sticks or spoons.

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