Bird Dna Testing

How to order online. Dna samples can be collected through the following methods.

Is Your Bird Male Or Female Run Dna Test To Know

Order a dna collection kit from us included in the price of testing or make your own kit at home and then send us the samples.

Bird dna testing. Healthgene is the leading dna laboratory with an extensive experience in avian diagnostics. Make sure to. Animal genetics offers these different sample collection methods to give its customers several alternatives from which to choose.

As with any genetic test the quality of the sample submitted for testing is critical and can affect the final result. You can collect a sample by clipping the bird s toenail blood card or you can pluck feathers from the bird s breast. Once samples are received your results are emailed to you within 5 business days.

Blood sampling blood sample collection is carried out by clipping the nail of the bird at a very specific point. Bird dna testing is the easiest and most accurate way to determine whether your bird is male or female. Dna testing can be performed on blood cards or feathers for many different species.

The process is simple. We use pcr polymerase chain reaction to detect the presence of male and female chromosomes in the bird s dna. Get it as soon as fri may 8.

Avian dna testing is the best choice for avian breeders and avian veterinarians. Avian dna based testing has become the choice of professional aviculturalists and avian veterinary specialists for sexing and diagnosis of various infectious diseases. Our bird dna gender kit online will help you to know the gender of your cockatoo parrot lovebird and more than 300 species of the psittacidae s family.

Bird sexing dna sample collection kit gender reveal test for parrots lovebirds cockatoos african grey cockatiels parakeets 300 psittacines avian sexing dna testing. Feather samples feather sample collection is carried out by choosing medium sized feathers found in the chest. Blood feather or eggshell samples are all equally reliable for testing.

With this bird gender test you will have the result in no more than 72 hrs and if you are an avian breeder we can offer you a very special price for volume. Dna bird sexing has become the safest method for determining the sex. Animal genetics offers a wide variety of tests for exotic birds including dna sexing diseases testing and dna genotyping.

Select the dna test you want to perform on your birds from the list of productsbelow select the number of tests you need and click add to cart verify your order on the cart and then proceed to checkout fill out your information and the bird s information. 4 2 out of 5 stars 75.

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