Harvesting Pine Nuts Utah

Pine nuts can be harvested in october if the cones open and strong winds have not blown in that area. Pine nut pancakes with elderberry syrup is very tasty too.

Gathering Devah An Ancient Pine Nut Harvest Tradition Utah

Pine nuts ripen in late summer or fall and this is when you start pine nut harvesting.

Harvesting pine nuts utah. Forest service sometimes lease out commercial pinyon nut harvesting sites. The opened pine cones indicate that the pine nuts are ripe but you don t want these cones when it comes to pine nut harvesting. First you ll need pine trees with low branches containing both opened and unopened pine cones on them.

Southeastern utah picking pine nuts is reportedly a navajo tradition. Pine nut harvest regions pinyon trees are the dominant overstory species on more than 36 million acres of land in the southwestern united states. Place pine nuts piñon in a small one serving bag or container to avoid freezing and unfreezing as you would meats.

Many utah indian tribes historically used pine nuts to make a fl our that they would mix with dried berries and store as an important winter food staple. Pine cones need about 3 weeks to dry before you can harvest the nuts inside. The goal is to ensure that impact to the park is minimized and that plenty of nuts remain for clark s nutcrackers pinyon jays and ground squirrels.

I live in carson city nv and a range named the pine nut mountains is full of trees that can be beaten with a pole after laying down tarps then drag to the next tree and repeat. Place the cones in a burlap bag or similar container in the sun lying the burlap sack sideways to help the sunlight dry them evenly. Commercial pinyon harvesting leases in nevada and western utah the blm and the u s.

Commercial pickers working on blm lands in nevada and utah must record the quantity of nuts they harvest and turn the records into the blm after the harvest is finished. Gathering pine nuts within great basin national park is allowed in the fall only and subject to the following regulations. They have already released their nuts.

These short twisted trees with large branching crowns live in association with more than 1000 species of microbes plants insects birds and mammals. Do not stack the pine cones any higher than 2 cones deep while the bag is sideways. Vacuum pack or remove air and seal tightly vacuum pack optional however remove all air for.

They harvest the nuts by hand soon after they fall to the ground. Put nuts in container that can be sealed zip loc bag recommended.

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