How To Survive An Economic Collapse

In the extremely unlikely event of a total economic collapse you won t need to worry about outstanding loans social security or medicare accounts or the value of precious metals. Stock the supplies necessary to sustain life.

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For example in venezuela the situation is so bad that people are selling single squirts of toothpaste since no one can afford an entire tube.

How to survive an economic collapse. But what if no one will take dollars in trade. You can reduce the potential impact that an economic collapse may have on you and your family by following these simple principles. Commodities will be worth only what you can barter for them at any given moment.

Be sure to invest and store high strength tools as to ensure their lifetime in case strenuous labor occurs during a post collapse scenario. How do you prepare to survive an economic collapse. How to prepare for economic collapse one fundamental principle to remember.

To survive the economic collapse first thing i would say you need to do is you re going to have to acknowledge where you are financially. The beauty of an economic downturn is that there are more successful people created during a period of economic collapse than any other times. Don t mistake cash dollars for value.

To survive economic collapse it might make sense to utilize the black market. Here are some strategies on surviving an economic collapse. Calm down and think.

In a post economic collapse civilization new tools will no longer be produced so building shelter maintaining protection and even repairing vehicles will all have to be completed with old tools. Cash dollars only have value if they can be traded for something with real value items such as food tools hardware fuel etc. You could even make a lot of money in a currency which still has value through the black market.

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