South American Big Cats

22 44 pounds average life span in the wild. The jaguarundi is the most unusual of south american wild cats.

Protecting Big Cats Is The Call Of Next Year S World Wildlife Day

The fur is silver grey to yellowish brown with a pattern of small dark brown or black spots all over.

South american big cats. Canadian lynx lynx canadensis diet. The wild cats of south american can be found in many different habitats such as grasslands rainforests and mountains. The puma concolor also called the mountain lion is the second biggest wild cat found in north america.

Thus it has the most widespread range of all large terrestrial mammals found in the western hemisphere. 32 40 inches long minus the tail which is 4 8 inches weight. While it has long been possible to see big cats in africa and india it is only very recently that their south american relatives the jaguar and puma have been on any naturalist s horizon.

The puma is the second largest cat in south america. South american wild cats include both big cats the cougar and jaguar and small wild cats the jaguarundi margay oncilla ocelot pampas cat kodkod geoffroy s cat and andean cat. The two species occur side by side in many habitats across a huge area of south and central america but both are famously elusive.

Powerful muscular and almost equivalent in stature to the lion. Small cats of south america puma. Click on the names below the photos to read our south american cats fact sheets.

With its long slender body long tail and. Sleek agile and elegant. Known by many other names cougar mountain lion panther.

The jaguar is the strongman of south america s cats. The canada lynx is about the same size as the bobcat though the lynx has more hair. Male cats are slightly larger than females.

The 10 species of wild cats of south america 1. It is similar in size of a large domestic cat. The central and south american wild cat family consists of nine small wild cat species.

Read more kodkod leopardus guigna the kodkod is a small wild cat from south america. Up to 15 years range. The leopardus colocolo also known as the pantanal cat or the colocolo is a south american wild cat.

The list does not contain cat hybrids. The largest of south. Powerful muscular and almost equivalent in stature to the lion.

Geoffroy s cat is a small wild cat from south america. The cougar or puma as it is more usually known in south america ranges from the yukon in northern canada to the southern tip of the south american continent. Canada and the northern united states physical description.

The puma by contrast is more leopard like. Mostly snowshoe hares but also mice red squirrels voles and grouse size. The jaguar is the strongman of south america s cats.

The species range from yukon in canada to south america s southern andes mountains. The leopardus tigrinus or the tigrillo is a small cat whose range stretches from parts of south america to. This list of largest cats shows 10 felidae species ordered by maximum reported weight and size of wild individuals on record.

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