What Will Happen

The second coming of christ is referenced many times in scripture with over 1 500 passages in the old testament and one out of every 25 verses in the new testament mentioning the messiah s return. I can read your mind that is why i created this quiz for you.

Bitcoin Halving History Hash Rate As A Clue To What Will Happen

What will happen when jesus returns comes back answer.

What will happen. Are you curious to know what exciting will happen in your future. I think you will be surprised at the information that is shared on these covers and the goal is to expose this information and share it with you. Please remember these are just my assumptions.

If you like this video put thumb up button please and subscribe to my channel. If you like this video put thumb up button please and subscribe to my channel. The large amount of material devoted to this important event underscores what god says in amos 3 7.

Surely the sovereign. So let s start this awesome quiz and get your success key. It s also worth noting that its mortality rate is likely significantly lower than the headline 2 not least because that doesn t include mild undiagnosed cases.

Everything may happen in a completely different way. 50 things that will happen in 2020. Join what will happen if to experiment ultimate fun with my torch fire d this channel will cover so many topics to bring smile and satisfaction on your f.

Don t let that happen. These are the movies world events and technological developments we ll be talking about. We look at what they are showing us combine it with what we see happening in the world as well as what the bible tells us will happen in the last days before the return of israel s messiah.

Many decades ago the year 2020 sounded like a far off futuristic time that would see humans zipping around in jetpacks and maybe even living in colonies.

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