72 Hour Kit Contents

Homemade mres important for survivals. Bedding and clothing.

72 Hour Emergency Kits For Beginners Grab List Part 5

Make sure you can.

72 hour kit contents. Emergency food water. Store 1 gallon of water per person per day. 72 hour kit water each person needs their own canteen collapsible water containeror a couple of water bottles.

Consider preparing one for your place of work as well as one for children to keep at school and one for the car. Fuel and light. Include your legal documents like your passport and birth certificate in your 72 hour survival kit.

One of the most neglected areas of preparedness is having your important documents with you. In addition to our 72 hour kits we have a grab and go binderwith printouts of emergency phone numbers our family emergency plan a card with our family info and an up to date family photos and all the other important documents we would need. Your family will need a way to filteror obtain more water.

Obviously by the time disaster strikes the time to prepare has ceased so making sure your family is prepared for the worst is essential. 72 hour kit checklist you should prepare a portable kit for each member of your family. This will prove your identity and possessions to authorities in time of a survival circumstance.

Dried fruit vegetables to snack on healthy and easy to purchase. Personal supplies and medication. How to prepare a 72 hour kit checklist for emergencies food and water.

Personal documents and money. 72 hour emergency kit. Canned ready meals canned foods are ideal for a 72 hour emergency kit list because they are designed with a long shelf life.

Keep at least a three day supply of water. To cut down on the cost of freeze dried meals purchase them by the bucket and ration the contents of that bucket between your 72 hour emergency kits. Meat in a tin or pouch a long life shelf.

With all of the disasters going on all across the world preparedness has been on my mind. Bag s to put 72 hour kit items in such as duffel bags or backpacks. 72 hour kit checklist.

Food and utensils.

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