Girl Catches Snake

Unsubscribe from cambodia wilderness channel. Jay catches big diamondback and gets bit.

Noting that some people oppose the catching and euthanizing of snakes savi underscored the importance of doing so.

Girl catches snake. A video purportedly showing a sunbather grabbing a snake just before it bites her is actually a prank involving a fishing pole and a rubber reptile. At just the last second the girl turns around and captures the snake right behind the head and proceeds to throw it back. The stunt took place at a lake in robertson western cape south africa as a girl was sunbathing when a cobra seemingly makes a beeline for the girl.

The girl sitting by a lake in robertson western cape wearing nothing but a bikini is captured. Nc girl bitten by. Published on jan 5 2016 an amazing moment was caught on tape as a sunbathing woman apparently confronted a deadly king cobra that was about to attack.

The attack took place in south africa and. Three sisters catch big snake at canal while swimming how to catch water snake cambodia wilderness channel. Dan evon published 9 april 2018.

This is the amazing moment a woman sunbathing in south africa catches a cobra before it can strike. Guys this isn t worth a big investigation but it is a fun video but look right here as the snake comes toward the woman you see the shardow right threre that is a guy with a fishing. By far the largest one she had ever caught.

Remember this is a water snake and not a rattle snake. Diamondback watersnake. A brave woman in port elliot near adelaide has saved a family from the brown snake which had stalked their garden for two years catching the common but deadly reptile with her bare hands.

The girl savi serrott posted the footage and accompanying text on instagram in response to numerous people earlier asking her how she catches snakes. For licensing and usage contact.

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