Guppy Life Span

Good guppy genetics feeding quality food good water parameters and lack of stress can help with extending the lifespan of your guppy fish. Guppy fish lifespan the average lifespan for an aquarium guppy is between 1 3 years.

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When you bring them home from the pet store it s hard to know how old they actually are since they are typically already full grown or close to it.

Guppy life span. This is a mostly peaceful and hardy fish that is good for beginners. If you raise the heat to 82 f the fish will grow faster and make more babies but they ll only live for 18 months. Total lifespan of guppies in the wild varies greatly but it is typically around 2 years.

3 5 years. The most important factor for a guppy s longevity is keeping the opposite sex away from the tank. The best cared guppies live nearly 5 years.

She was pregnant as usual lol but sadly didnt labour first. Male guppies can get aggressive with other male guppies. Many times new guppy owners get their pets settled in enjoy them for just a few months and suddenly the fish die.

Temperament behavior. Many factors assist to a guppy s longevity which may help guppies to live beyond 4 or 5 years. Keeping them in an aquarium with a hood might be necessary since keepers have reported that their guppies have jumped out of the tank.

Origin habitat. By leanne88 6 years ago on tropical fish. Because these fish multiply at such a rapid pace it causes for a short life expectancy.

The life span of a guppy fish depends on multiple factors. Maturity edit. Ive lost 3 now through old age my fav male and a female and now another female.

Most guppies lifespan is anywhere from 1 to 3 years with 2 years being the average and 3 years being very impressive. I really wish guppies had a longer life span. Guppies that live for up to 5 years are the ones that have been taken care of the best plus there is some luck involved when it comes to living to a super old age.

3 5 years. Generally guppies live for 1 3 years but i had guppies that were 5 years old. At this temperature range your guppies should have an average life span of two to three years.

Variations in such life historic characteristics of guppies are observed in different populations indicating that different evolutionary pressures exist. Guppies live about 1 to 3 years in captivity. A healthy guppy can live minimum 2 years and maximum 5 years anywhere.

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