Is Canned Soup Good Past The Expiration Date

One to two years past the best before date for canned bottled or jarred pastas meats fish tomato sauces and condiments. If these items are packaged in boxes or bags they ll be accepted up to.

How To Know If Canned Food Is Safe Past Best Before Date

What really matters is what is in the can.

Is canned soup good past the expiration date. According to the usda these canned goods will last for 2 to 5 years on the shelf after they ve been canned and will last 3 to 4 days if you store it in the refrigerator after opening. Canned food is forever safe but it s a quality issue when you have a best by or use by date you should use your canned foods within a couple of years for the best quality of the product. According to the alliance canned food when kept at a.

The bottom line on the food expiration date myth it is important to realize that the dates on canned goods simply don t matter. So the short answer is yes you can eat canned foods that have expired because the expiration date is not an expiration date at all but simply a best by date or a sell by date. If you store canned goods in ideal conditions and take good care of it they can live well past the expiration on the can.

The date on the bottom of most canned foods is therefore not something with which you need to concern yourself. Today food reached out to the canned food alliance and its spokesperson pointed us to the group s basic guide referencing expiration dates.

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