Transplanting Black Boy Plants

Select a sunny location with well draining soil and no overhead water spray. They can also be grown successfully in pots.

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Blackboy grass tree johnsons grass tree northern grasstree queensland grass tree.

Transplanting black boy plants. Xanthorrhoea plants are also known as balga grass plants. Is a tricky business. Series 22 episode 14.

Shovel hose 1 bag native soil mix seasol matches paper. If you try and do it by hand or with a root ball that s anything below a 2m radius from the trunk or shallower that 2m deep the plant s very likely to die. When you follow the replants transplant instructions and acknowledge our design and site considerations the process is painless and results in healthy vibrant grass trees.

The potting mix you re moving it to in the wine barrel must firstly be very well drained. The replants step by step transplanting method. Transplanting any xanthorrhoea sp.

The common grass tree xanthorrhoea preissii grows in a wide range of soils varying from deep free draining sands to fairly heavy gravelly soils and in full sun or in broken sunlight such as in jarrah forest. Extraction of as big a root ball as possible is advisable and little if any soil disturbance before during and after transplanting is essential if you want a shot at succeeding. Xanthorrhoea are a very slow growing species but it is also believed they can live up to 600 years.

Grass trees will be ok out the ground for a day if you keep them cool wet and in the shade. Generally frost tolerant xanthorrhoea require well drained soil in a sunny or part shade area. They are very finicky plants with regards to transplanting and there are a few ways to maximise your chances of success.

The garden advisory service often gets enquiries about transplanting australian native plants particularly the common grass tree. Xanthorrhoea johnsonii is endemic to western australia and grows naturally in sand loam or gravelly soils well drained soils in open forest and heath. I get asked all the time about transplanting australian native plants and people are often a little bit nervous about it so i m going to run through a few basic steps that.

Grass tree health care transplanting a grass tree involves a specialised process of tree preparation extraction from the ground and ongoing care. It is thought that the aborigines called the plants balga because after a bush fire had ravaged the land the blackened trunk of the xanthorrhoea would be revealed beneath. To plant a 1m trunk grass tree you will need the following.

Balga is the aboriginal word for black boy and for many years the plant was fondly known as a black boy.

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