Australian Butterfly Fish

One of only a few butterfly fish for a reef tank. Yellow pyramid butterflyfish are also known as yellow zoster butterflyfish.

Parrot Fish

It has a compressed body.

Australian butterfly fish. Like their terrestrial namesakes they re mostly brightly coloured and patterned moving from place to place and rarely stopping anywhere for long. The copperband butterfly fish chelmon rostratus is found in the indian ocean indo pacific and australia. This extended snout allows them to reach inside cracks and holes to feed small organisms hiding within.

Marginalis butterflyfish chelmon marginalis is also known as margined coralfish. But aside from that he is very placid and an awesome fish. There are over 120 described butterflyfish species but only some of these can adapt to the aquarium.

The fins are all yellow. Butterflyfish will have a protruding snout varying in length depending on the species that is tipped with a small mouth. Compared to other saltwater fish they are relatively easy to care for.

Physically the copperband butterfly fish is white with copper bands running vertically on the sides of the body. The oval spot butterflyfish is a bright yellow fish with a large oval black mark at the rear upper side of the body. Butterflyfish are some of the most attractive creatures you ll find on any coral reef.

The only time that he really gets aggressive is when the angels go to the surface for food. It is also known as the beaked coral fish. They are a beautiful addition to almost any saltwater aquarium due their vibrant colors and gentle demeanor.

It has a bold vertical black stripe on the head through the eye. They re common and usually swim in shallow water making them readily accessible even to snorkellers. I keep it with my black ghost albino rainbow shark and my 2 angelfish.

Chris the african butterflyfish is an awesome fish.

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