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Browse facts and details resources on teachers pay teachers a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. They are the supporting bits of information that give you the main idea of a passage.

10 Facts And Other Details About The Nutcracker Ballet

Click on the link below to watch a short animation from brainpop to help explain the concept.

Facts and details. Content in the articles includes. As you read this story think about what the whole story is mostly about. They explain who what where when why and how.

Your facts and details lead up to your main idea. 4 studies and research often picked up second hand from websites like live science and discovery news blogs or. Sentences that help explain the main idea are facts and details.

Facts and details are small pieces of information that make the story more interesting. Recalling facts and details. The main idea wouldn t be a main idea if it didn t have the facts and details to discuss.

Sentences that tell more about the main idea are called facts and details. Facts and details help you explain the main idea more fully. 1 facts and basic information derived from various sources that are essential to understanding the topics addressed.

3 reports from respected reliable and interesting print and media sources such as the new york times the new yorker the guardian the bbc washington post and national geographic. 2 primary sources and eyewitness accounts.

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