How To Navigate By The Sun

Knowing this if the sun were directly above the equator we could find our latitude by simply finding the angle between the sun and overhead. This same method can be used in the southern hemisphere to figure out the approximate north.

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That is 90 degrees minus whatever our quadrant reads.

How to navigate by the sun. After a few minutes a shadow will appear in the direction of either east or west depending on the time of day. You can then figure out the approximate directions of north and south as well. The next step the next stage in using the sun to find your way is being confident which direction the sun will be at midday.

Find a stick and put it in a flat level area and point the stick towards the sun so that there is no shadow. The sun is most commonly used but navigators can also use the moon a planet polaris or one of 57 other navigational stars who. If it is still morning then it will be rising roughly in the east.

The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west but not exactly due east or due west. Then use a table of corrections to add or subtract the appropriate number of degrees depending on which day of the year it is at an equinox the corrections are zero at a solstice you add or subtract 23 5 degrees. If one points the hour hand towards the sun the approximate south will be between the hour hand and 12 o clock.

In daylight saving zones the approximate north and south will be between the hour hand and 1 o clock. Earth s motion around the sun not as simple as i thought duration. Celestial navigation uses sights or angular measurements taken between a celestial body and the visible horizon.

There is some seasonal variation in the exact direction that the sun sets the sun rises due east only two times per year the equinoxes. So let s look at the noon time sun. Measure the angle of the sun above the horizon at its highest point i e.

Shadows will move in the opposite direction of the sun shadows move from west to east. So anyone pointing at the sun will point in the same direction. Celestial navigation also known as astronavigation is the ancient and modern practice of position fixing that enables a navigator to transition through a space without having to rely on estimated calculations or dead reckoning to know their position.

Then by observing the stars rising in the east just after sunset it was possible to know which were precisely opposite in the sky where the sun lay at that time. The stick and the shadow method. The other method is to put a stick in the ground vertically and mark the shadow it makes with a rock.

Whichever pole north or south is pointed towards the sun will give the answer to which side of east and west that the sun will rise and set that day anywhere in the world. 6 creative ways people used to navigate the oceans duration. If it s in the afternoon the sun will be setting so it will be more or less in the west.

Here the first task was to determine the constellations around the whole sky through which the sun appears to move in the course of a year. Keep in mind the sun is really far away.

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