Best Place To Hide A Safe In Your Home

First of all as i ve already mentioned burglars want to spend as little time as possible in the house so it s more likely they ll start searching in the rooms and skip the attic completely. This shelf looks great because it seems to float on the wall.

Where To Hide A Safe 5 Creative Ideas For Hiding A Safe In Your Home

If you want your safe stored in your garage but you re worried about others seeing it store it inside a cardboard moving box.

Best place to hide a safe in your home. Hide a safe in the wall or floor install a wall hidden safe or cylinder floor safe by bolting it to the floor most hidden safes have holes inside for just that purpose. Putting a home safe bolted down in a secondary bedroom or in a basement is the best bet says schwebs. Pick a healthy cereal that no one will touch.

Open a cereal box at the bottom and shove in some cash. Good places where you can hide your safes are under the floor of a closet where you can cover it with a rug or into a dug in area of your wall where you can cover it with a painting. Floating shelf with secret storage.

Once the safe is in place and. That will impress people enough but when you add the secret drawer for storage you get something that is impressive and a great place to hide your stash. There are tons of ways to hide stuff in a kitchen cabinet.

A cardboard box is an easy and tactile way to hide your safe. Bury a zipper top bag full of jewelry at the bottom of a half full oatmeal box. Some people choose to have their safe do double duty as a piece of furniture.

Or mount the wall safe inside a wall and cover it with a picture. Most people have boxes in their garage for storage so burglars and unwanted guests wouldn t think twice of what s in the box. An attic can serve as a great place to conceal your safe or valuables for several reasons.

If you are just placing your safe on the floor it may be good to anchor it to prevent it from being easily transferred and taken away. If you must add a wall safe after the home is built consult with a structural engineer to determine if you want to cut and frame a load bearing wall of your home. Hide it in the corner of a closet or other inconspicuous area.

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