Golden Tree Frog

Golden tree frogs are native to humid jungles forests and fields in asia and the humidity level in their cage should reflect those that they would experience in the wild. It is known under numerous common names including common tree frog four lined tree frog golden tree frog or striped tree frog.

Polypedates Leucomystax Golden Tree Frog Phelsuma Farm

These frogs need.

Golden tree frog. Most of the time the humidity level in their cage should stay above 60. Males are smaller than females. Polypedates leucomystax is known as the golden tree frog because of the yellow gold color some individuals.

Knowing your frog and understanding how to cater to its unique needs is important when you get one as a. Golden tree frog polypedates leucomystax. A typical tree frog body structure their color and pattern are variable and range from a solid tan to a.

The golden tree frog changes color with changing temperatures. Polypedates teraiensis dubois 1987 1986 polypedates leucomystax is a species in the shrub frog family rhacophoridae. Golden tree frogs do.

This asian amphibian attains a size of nearly 4 from snout to vent. Choose a large enclosure an 18x18x24 exo terra glass terrarium is a good. The golden tree frog inhabits mountains where they reside in the giant epiphytic bromeliad glomeropitcairnia erectiflora that grows to 23 31m above ground level and possibly other bromeliad species fig.

Golden tree frogs are easy to house. They are usually in color ranges. Golden tree frog common names.

Golden tree frogs range in size from 1 5 to 3 5 inches 3 8 to 8 9 cm as adults. Golden tree frog care sheet. When you buy a frog from us you automatically receive our 100 live arrival guarantee.

We have a few golden tree frogs for sale at ultra low prices. Golden tree frog care sheet naming.

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