How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Earth

To put this in perspective the circumference of the earth is 24 901 miles at the equator. Vote for this answer.

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Countries states and cities.

How long would it take to walk around the earth. The average person with an average stride living until 80 years old will walk the distance of about 110 000 miles. Summary if you walked in a straight line around the equator the journey would take around 502 days. But since it is not perfectly round this figure does not tell the whole story.

This is approximately 345 8 days 49 4 weeks 11 5 months or 95 years of steady walking in a straight line. History politics society. The circumference of the earth is about 24 900 miles.

Planet earth has a circumference of roughly 40 075 km or 24 901 miles. How many miles is it to walk around the earth. How long would it take to walk around the earth answers.

24 900 divided by 20 is 1245 days or 3 41 years. Try it and see the world. Google let s say you could walk an average of 20 miles a day.

Answer has 12 votes. Watch what our solar system would look cirference of the earth universe today view ion a person six feet tall how does the iss travel around earth how long would it take to walk a light is this the world s longest continuous walk cape town to magadanhow long would it take to walk around. You could start your trip form the southernmost point of south america move north cross the.

At 3 miles per hour 347 days a long time. It would take a 11 year old to walk the earth and we did it on a calculator and it is 25120 hours and 1047 days and 3 years without sleeping and not going to the bathroom. This is based on people hiking the appalachian trail.

It will take a man walking in a steady and uninterrupted pace of 3 miles per hour mph to walk one complete circuit around the entire equatorial circumference of the earth in 8 300 33 hours.

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