Spear For Home Defense

Razor sharp double sided stainless steel blade that was engineered for deep penetration. Just hold it near the end point toward the.

Assegai Short Spear By Cold Steel A Beautifully Crafted

Binding the blade in place with strong cord strapping or duct tape would finish off the spear.

Spear for home defense. It is also a well known fact that if you are in a close range fight most large guns will not be of much use to you. Many modern textbooks say that native americans and other cultures lost out to europeans because the latter had the advantage of guns that easily outstripped bows arrows spears and other common personal defense weapons. This spear is based on the same handle as the m48 survival hammer but instead of a bone breaking hammer it offers an 8.

M48 kommando talon survival spear m48 kommando products are riding high on our list of home defense weapons. Pepper sprays fire a stream of oleoresin capsicum which is a spicy oil extracted from hot peppers. Keep your spear held near the hip level.

If you ve ever cut peppers then rubbed your eye you know why this can be debilitating. With a stainless steel blade this powerful this spear was built for durability and strong use. No you don t need that kung fu shit to use a spear.

Not fancy but functional. This m48 survival spear from united cutlery measures in at a whopping 44 1 8 from end to end featuring a razor sharp blade that is nearly half an inch thick. Spear hunting spears for defense updated on june 4 2020 article by mark lawrence what if crop devastating drought takes place more and more in the world natural disasters with incredibly destructive earthquakes and storms take place and war between nuclear armed nations take place.

Pepper spray best self defense weapon for runners one of the best non lethal self defense tools out there is a canister of pepper spray. Simply tying a knife to the end of a pole with paracord or vine can make for a good defensive spear but other spears you can make include a pointed spear simply by sharpening the end of a pole and then fire hardening it and a pronged spear by taking a thicker pole and splitting the end into four or so prongs. For a melee weapon a four to five foot long spear works well.

Foot work and attacks are similar to basic boxing fundamentals. You can make one easily by taking a knife blade with the handle removed and inserting it in a slot cut into the end of your spear shaft. Spear for home defense long thin profile means easy storage under the bed frame.

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