What Is Oleo In Baking

Or your mom or grandma may still occasionally say oleo as an ingredient when talking about a recipe. Collins english dictionary complete unabridged 2012 digital edition william collins sons co.

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Oleo is actually an old brand of margarine.

What is oleo in baking. Of course if you are a regular crossword solver you are probably familiar with the word it s eminently suitable as an answer to the clue margarine in four letters because it contains three vowels. Oleo is another word for margarine or oleomargarine. Most of the time you can look at a recipe and realize that oleo is the fat in the recipe.

What can i substitute oleo for in an apple bread recipe. Today this spread is most most often referred to as margarine. Here is what i found.

I decided to use the trusty internet to learn more about this baking terminology. The reason for this is simple. It is commonly used to refer a variety of things including.

You can substitute either butter or vegetable shortening for the oleo margarine in recipes. Printable butter margarine conversion chart. It s still used today but it s not as common as it once was.

Nothing more nothing less. You cannot just substitute equal amounts of oil since oil is meant to be liquid. Nothing more nothing less.

So what is oleo exactly. From the free dictionary by farlex a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter. It can be used in recipes in place of butter and its uses are as wide ranging.

I have butter and vegetable shortening. What can i use as substitute for oleo in a recipe. One would thing that just adding oil will do the trick but this is not the case and if you try it you ll be disappointed with the results which would likely be a very heavy baked good.

If you look through old cookbooks or your grandmothers recipe box you will probably find a lot of recipes that call for oleo. Oleomargarine or oleo for short is a whipped oil commonly used in place of butter. Oleo is made from a combination of pure vegetable oil and skim milk along with added salt for flavoring.

From wikipedia oleo is a term used for oils.

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