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Discussions strategies stories screenshots and more for medieval 2 empire shogun 2 rome 2 attila thrones of brittania warhammer three kingdoms and others. Attila is definitely more of a challenge which i enjoy and the fire mechanics are awesome to watch level 2.

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So many cultures factions and units.

Attila vs rome 2. However i can t say attila is better than rome ii now that roma ii is basically all completed patched up. It is not that attila s setting is bad it s that rome ii contains one of the most epic eras for a total war game. Same goes for napoleon vs empire tw.

However rome ii is set in a for most people more interesting historical background. Attila allows them to enjoy a contemporary historical total war game without conceding to rome ii god forbid they admit rome ii has improved drastically since launch despite the fact that rome ii and attila share something like 80 90 percent of the same dna minus a few gameplay changes that are not imperically better but simply different. Attila can be more difficult from start to finish has mechancis that slow down steamrolling has a family tree so you can actually grow attached to your generals governors and a slighter higher learning curve.

Unlike in pretty much any other total war game attila has a boss faction right from the start of the game that only gets stronger as time passes. Rome 2 feels larger has more unit diversity better gaming performance is easier to play and has a stronger online community. 1 point 1 year ago.

Attila is the better game both in terms of game dynamics and graphics. Comes down to whichever you prefer mass conquering or surviving. A subreddit for the total war strategy game series made by creative assembly.

Attila is better than rome ii was for the first year after it s release. Attila is my preferred game but it is also much harder than rome 2. Rome 2 is gonna be your standard take over the whole map campaign and attila is pretty much a shitshow several migrating factions at start a roman empire thats collapsing and nomadic hordes that raze everything.

Any more players are interested in building an empire than defending an existing one. Now i do expect attila to be better than rome ii by the time that attila is all completed patched up though.

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