First Aid Kit Supplies Checklist

2 absorbent compress dressings 5 x 9 inches similar item available in the red cross store 25 adhesive bandages assorted sizes also found within our family first aid kit similar item available in the. Eye shield or pad.

Checklist For A Camping First Aid Kit

If someone in your family has a severe allergy such as to nuts or shellfish it is strongly advised to have an epipen in the kit in addition to carrying an epipen with you on a daily basis.

First aid kit supplies checklist. But we all know that isn. Nonstick sterile bandages and roller gauze in assorted sizes. Doesn t kill germs irrigation syringe for cleaning out wounds with sterile water or saline.

Sterile saline solution for cleaning out wounds and the eyes antiseptic wipes and or alcohol for cleaning wounds to prevent infection hydrogen peroxide for flushing debris out of wounds. If everything goes to plan on your outdoor adventures you might not need a first aid kit. All bandages should be sterile individual bandages should be sealed in individual packages.

Use our first aid kit checklist to ensure you take all the essentials with you. The most essential parts of a hurricane kit checklist is having all the materials you need to prevent anyone from getting severely injured and to also have all the essential supplies needed to shelter in place for at least 72 hours without emergency assistance. Ensure guides have instructions on how to perform life saving techniques on children and infants as well.

Ready to feed infant formula in single serving cans or bottles for formula fed infants only. A well stocked diaper bag at least one pack of diapers at least two packs of baby wipes baby powder diaper rash cream baby wash and lotion and re sealable plastic bags gallon size for stashing dirty diapers and clothes. Two absorbent 5x9 inch compress dressings 25 adhesive bandages in assorted sizes one roll of adhesive cloth tape.

First aid guide band aids different sizes. Sterilize all tools scissors tweezers etc first. Gauze pads various sizes.

Rubber tourniquet or 16 french catheter. Use alcohol swabs or heat with a lighter or matches. Antiseptic wipes bzk based wipes preferred.

The following first aid kit checklist is the minimum required items for an appropriate basic first aid kit as recommended by the american red cross. Consider these items in addition to the basic kit if appropriate. Large triangular bandage may be used as a sling.

First aid kit your first aid kit s must include the following supplies. Alcohol based ok antibacterial ointment e g bacitracin compound tincture of benzoin bandage adhesive assorted adhesive bandages fabric preferred butterfly bandages adhesive wound closure strips. Bandage strips and butterfly bandages in assorted sizes.

Hurricane kits should include emergency supplies such as breathing protection first aid water and food light and communication. The red cross recommends that all first aid kits for a family of four include the following.

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