How Do You Cure Meat

The easiest way to preserve your meat is taking a whole muscle cut make a salt and spice rub and cover it with the rub and put it in the fridge for a few days. Directions mix the salt and sugar in equal proportions with the currants and set aside.

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Without salt bacteria would grow in and on the meat and quickly cause it to go bad.

How do you cure meat. Mix up your brine cure. How to cure meat with salt dry curing. Simple bacon can take a week and large meats like hams can take months.

Dissolve 1 pound of pickling salt and 1 2 cup of brown sugar in 3 quarts of water. If you notice a foul. If you re worried about wasting so much salt there is another more modern method you can try.

How to dry cure meat at home. To dry cure you mix up your salt and spice mix coat the meat and store it in a temperature and humidity controlled space. Place your meat in a brining bag.

If you have a problem covering the meat completely in brine add a weight to the meat to keep it submerged. To dry cure you put the meat in a. Set aside the rest of the curing mixture.

Do your math weigh out the necessary cure salt then divide the salt into thirds. Refrigerate and turn daily. Injecting involves using a syringe to inject a salty brine into the meat.

The salt will draw out water to form a brine which will then cure the meat thoroughly. Pour this brine over the pork and ensure that the meat is completely covered in liquid. To dry cure meat with salt cover it entirely in salt for a full day.

A plate with something heavy on top will work nicely. Morton salt company recommends ounce of their sugar cure product for each pound of pork. Before refrigeration was available curing was just about the only way to save up meat in warm weather months.

Methods of curing food with salt method 1. Cover the dish and put in the refrigerator. Making a simple brine and then adding the nitrites in the curing salt which will cure the.

The process of curing is simply using the benefits of salt to preserve meat. You rub the cure into the meat then put the meat and all of the cure into the bag. Try wet curing your christmas ham.

This way you don t have to use nitrates or any special ingredients. Choose your piece of meat. Put the pork belly in a shallow tray like a pyrex dish and sprinkle the curing mixture liberally on all sides rubbing.

Wet brining is great for ham or other smoking recipes. Dry curing pork feral or otherwise is the easiest and most popular method of curing. In order to make sure the meat is.

This method is best for ham bacon and small pieces of meat. Once you ve trimmed up your ham weigh it to know how much salt you ll need. Dry curing is slow.

All you need is a sealable bag big enough to lay the meat flat. Dry curing requires a lot of space to hold the meat and ties up inventory for far longer than most businesses like.

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