Slingshot Small Game Hunting

It uses a traditional y yoke design upgraded with modern materials and workmanship. Being small they are easy to maneuver with in the woods.

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It s been designed to deliver accurate and powerful high velocity shots so that you can enhance you can train to shoot and hunt with more prowess and purpose.

Slingshot small game hunting. If you re looking to relive the slingshots of your childhood the scout hunting slingshot is a great option. Rabbits squirrels quail pheasant dove and other small birds or rodents are your best bet. It can be more effective for both of these purposes than you may have initially suspected.

Hunting small game with a sligshot is not legal was there any clarifacation on what was considered small game. Now im older and i wanna do it the right way and hunt som small game. It s affordable multi purpose well constructed and a whole lot of fun to use.

It s quite small just under 6 inches long with a yoke width of 4 inches. I love my small but deadly weapons and they provide food and fun. As everybody else i made simple slingshots as a kid to shoot my sister d with those brown things that you use to plant roses they are so light that you dont get injured but they do hurt like.

Slingshots are perhaps the quietest method of hunting and do not draw attention to themselves. Legally they re one of the least regulated weapons though i hear new york has banned slingshots with wrist braces. Get ready to take your shooting and hunting to a whole new levels with this precision slingshot kit.

For small game huntingand for emergency defense. Summer is just a small step. This makes it extremely portable and easy to use.

There are two primary uses for a slingshot in a survival situation. In texas grey and red squirrels are considered game animals cotton tails and jackrabbits are not. Page 1 of 3 in need of a good slingshot for hunting rabbits posted in slingshot hunting.

Small game such as squirrels and rabbits fall to their blow. If you decide to attach an arrow or dart cradle on your slingshot you will be able to hunt some medium sized game but once again make sure you can shoot to kill. The slingshot isn t as good as the bow but it s a great small game hunting weapon and its small and compact.

I kill rabbits with it along with geese ducks birds squirrels and chipmunks. Gm bw 33ft 16ft slingshot bands elastic latex tube 5x8 6x9 2x5 3x6 1 8x4 2mm etc with 700 elongation accessories for making professional hunting catapult or slingshot for competition 4 4 out of 5 stars 32. And also does anyone elso hunt with a 30 bow like i do.

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