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Ultra coral australia we specialise in exporting unique high end corals to all over the world. This is a very unusual habitat to be finding trachyphyllia a coral which generally is found in deeper and calm waters so it s fitting that such an insane color morph would be discovered here.

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Specializing in ultra corals.

Ultra coral australia. Lps coral frags sps coral frags ultra mushroom coral soft corals or view all coral frags. Many of our holding farming systems use vitamini and even more are being installed together with blaze x for more light demanding corals. Dippin dots acropora 240 00.

The document has moved here. The glitter line trachyphyllia was collected at a very unique location by ultra corals australia in a super shallow water habitat where trachies seems to be pushed in by prevailing water flow. Ultra coral australia uca is your number one choice for premium australian corals.

April 2 illumagic vitamini super actinic we call it lightsabre is not only fantastic to colour up corals but also to have fun. Based in central queensland australia the coralsdownunder team has over 30 years of experience with reef aquarium fish and corals. Ultra coral australia is a service provider for the great barrier reef marine park authority s gbrmpa crown of thorns starfish control program.

Uc splendiferous cyphastrea 100 00. Recently in australia together with nic from ultra coral australia we had the luck to go and observe acropora microclados aka the strawberry shortcake scc in its natural environment. Uc yoda favia 120 00.

Check out these sections. Ultra coral australia pty ltd is feeling crazy. Each member of the cdu team is not merely an employee but also a dedicated reef aquarium hobbyist.

The control program aims to mitigate or prevent coral mortality caused by crown of thorns starfish cots from going beyond acceptable limits. Ultra coral australia is a world leading supplier of sustainably sourced premium rare exotic australian coral colonies and marine logistical services for industry government on the great barrier reef based in mackay australia.

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