What To Do With Empty Milk Jugs

Start saving your milk jugs now because it take seven of them to make a skeleton. What to do with empty milk jugs save those plastic milk jugs for halloween or christmas time and used them as coverings for outdoor lights that you set out in the yard.

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Most plastic milk containers are made from high density polyethylene also known as hdpe or no.

What to do with empty milk jugs. Hilarious photographs of your children looking ridiculous. 16 creative ways to reuse and upcycle milk jugs 1. This allowing fishing at all levels of the lake.

Milk jug astronaut helmet. Cut out the bottoms and fit them nicely over lights that mark the perimeter of your yard. Cut up your milk jug.

Empty milk jugs with the lid attached make great floaters to drop in the lake for fishing. It makes the glow that much bigger and brighter. Tie fishing line with hook and bait to the jug handle toss in the lake and check later.

Store your craft materials leftover fabric and kids art supplies. Plastic milk jugs can be melted down and made into new bottles. Fill it with water and freeze it.

If you chop your own wood you warm yourself twice. This means that milk jugs are recyclable and most curbside recycling programs accept them. Like that old saying goes.

37 brilliant ways to reuse an empty milk jug toys and the like. There are endless different ways to get crafty with the old milk jugs and check out more milk jug crafts given below. Use empty milk jugs to help keep cool on hot days if you have pets that overheat easily an old milk jug can help.

All you have to do is pierce the milk bottle lid. The better option is to use a plastic bottle another great recycle idea for milk bottles filled with a few rocks and water. Recycled milk cartons for storage.

Find the tutorial for making a milk jug skeleton at the party animal. If you cut an empty gallon jug like a classic plastic milk jug about two thirds down the bottom you can create an effective enclosure to protect planted seeds and new shoots from birds and rodents which is faster and more effective than trying to use sprays and traps. I know i m going to have to start saving right now.

Paint your milk jugs and add with felt ears and nose and also finish them with googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs to make interesting animal and insect inspired card boxes that will rock for the valentines day. Millions of plastic milk jugs are thrown away each year. You can use it to make a large scoop that can be used for scooping things like pet food potting soil and more.

You pop it in the cistern away from any of the mechanisms to. This is a great project if you like to decorate outdoor for halloween. Use empty milk jugs to make a large scoop when you make the funnel from above save the rest of your jug.

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