Zika Virus Abortion

If you have zika while you re pregnant it can cause. Demand for abortions has soared among women living in countries hit by the spread of the zika virus who fear having a baby with severe birth defects new data shows.

The Zika Virus Has Reignited Brazil S Abortion Debate The World

1 several countries afterwards released health advisories including cautions about microcephaly declarations of nationwide crisis and.

Zika virus abortion. Zika typically causes few to no serious symptoms in adults but the virus can brutally attack the brains of developing fetuses causing devastating birth defects. Microcephaly or postnatal microcephaly which is when a baby is born with or within 6 12 months has a very small head. For many who are already pregnant reports about zika have injected fear into what would otherwise be a joyous.

So far no health agency has suggested abortion for pregnant women who contract zika. For women in the u s where abortion is a legal medical procedure those who contract zika while pregnant will have to make the highly personal choice of whether or not to terminate their. The epidemic of zika virus has caused a spike in requests for abortion help in countries that ban or restrict abortions researchers said wednesday.

In most team a nations except jamaica there have been statistically significant increases of 36 to 108per cent over standard in needs for abortion through wow following the paho announcement dining table 1. Luiza who has her head measured at the mestre vitalino hospital in caruaru pernambuco state brazil was born in october with a head just 11 4 inches in diameter more than an inch below the range doctors define as healthy. On november 17 2015 the pan united states wellness organization paho issued an epidemiologic alert zika that is regarding virus latin america.

Developmental problems with vision hearing or growth as well as brain development issues. Needs for abortion in latin america associated with concern about zika virus visibility into the editor. And pro abortion advocates are using the health crisis as an opportunity to push for lifting restrictions in south american countries where the practice is illegal.

Amount of on the web demands for abortion medications after the paho alert regarding zika virus visibility in accordance with nation. Abortion at this point in a pregnancy is rare and hard to come by. The new england journal of medicine reports that requests for abortion pills from women in brazil ecuador and venezuela have increased dramatically as the zika virus spreads.

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