Die Down Meaning

Plants that died in the first frost of the season. Nearly died of embarrassment.

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To gradually become less strong the wind will die down in the evening.

Die down meaning. She waited for the noise to die down before she started singing. To cease existing often gradually. To become calm or quiet.

If a sound or activity dies down it becomes quieter or less obvious. To lose strength or power esp by degrees. Definition of die down.

If a sound or activity. 2002 by the mcgraw hill companies inc. Died dy ing dī ĭng dies.

To fade to almost nothing. The fire died down and went out. The sunlight died in the west.

Die down definition to cease to live. Mcgraw hill dictionary of american idioms and phrasal verbs. Undergo the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions.

To experience an intense seemingly unbearable reaction to something. Die down in british english. Verb intr adverb 1.

Of some perennial plants to wither and die above ground leaving only the root alive during the winter. As the applause died down a child came on stage with an armload of roses for the singer.

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