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Dioscorea elephantipes commonly known as known as elephant s foot is one of the most beautiful weird and wonderful caudiciform plants around. The leaves can grow to be 20 feet in height when the plant grows in the wild but is much smaller when grown in the house in a container.

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The elephant s foot is composed primarily of silicon dioxide with traces of uranium titanium zirconium magnesium and graphite.

Elephants foot plant. This plant s alternating leaves arise along an unevenly pubescent stem. The plant branches at leaf axils usually after four non branching leaf nodes. Despite its common name it is not closely related to the true palms.

The roots aren t deep so plant elephant s foot in a shallow pot filled with a porous well drained potting soil. Elephantopus carolinianus carolina elephant s foot leafy elephantfoot. The ponytail plant also known as the elephant s foot originated in mexico.

Beaucarnea recurvata the elephant s foot or ponytail palm is a species of plant in the family asparagaceae native to the states of tamaulipas veracruz and san luis potosí in eastern mexico. In most climates elephant s foot are grown as indoor plants and the plant is relatively easy to grow from seed. There are 350 year old beaucarneas registered in mexico.

Beaucarnea recurvata elephant s foot ponytail palm is one popular species cultivated as an ornemental plant. Elephant s foot beaucarnea elephant s foot beaucarnea recurvata grows naturally in the mexican desert. It has become popular in europe and worldwide as an ornamental plant.

It is native to semiarid areas in southern africa. Although the plant prefers a position with plenty of light it can also cope with half shade. The ponytail plant leaves grow from a large bulb that protrudes out of the soil and resembles an elephant foot.

The mass is largely homogeneous though the depolymerized silicate glass contains occasional crystalline grains of zircon. Water the plant around the edges of the pot and not directly on the tuber. It has a deeply fissured surface resembling an elephant s foot hence its common name.

There it copes with baking sunshine low night temperatures and long periods without rain. Elephant s foot dioscorea elephantipes also called hottentot bread an odd looking twining plant of the yam family dioscoreaceae characterized by a large woody and partially exposed tuber. An evergreen perennial growing in its original habitat to 15 feet 6 inches 4 72 m with a noticeable expanded caudex for storing water.

The blossom clusters which arise from three leafy bracts terminate the stems.

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