How To Use A Knife For Self Defense

First in order to be legally and ethically justified to use a knife in self defense you must be facing a serious threat that you cannot escape from or stop with a lower level of force. Using a knife for self defense the first thing that needs to be mentioned is that although a knife can make a great self defense tool you always need to know the specific laws regarding knifes their size limitations and carry laws.

The Knife Grip How To Properly Hold A Knife For Self Defense And

Hold the knife in what s known as a forward or traditional grip.

How to use a knife for self defense. How to grip knives for self defense. You must be in fear for your life or the attacker must draw their weapon first assuming they have one. In this video chad takes us through an often over looked step in knife fighting.

When it comes to how you should grip a knife in a self defense scenario it s best to keep it simple. After all the blade is our most basic and most important tool. There is no need to list down the countless uses of a knife when you are.

For reference a forward grip is the same grip you would use if you were cutting into a steak with a steak knife. Just like shooting where most people only practice from the ready position the most over looked step is. There is the forward grip and the reverse grip.

There are different schools of thought as to which grip is best. Think about the situations in which this would apply and how well a knife would actually work. Bugging out and living through survival situations would be much easier with a sharp and tough knife in your kit.

There are also laws that govern when you can actually use your pocket knife with deadly force in self defense. Using a knife for self defense should be the last thing on any prepper or survivalist s mind. I cover these rules a little more in depth in my self defense weapons buyers guide here.

When using a knife for self defense there are just a few things that you should know. With the reverse grip the opposite occurs and the tip is down. With the forward grip the knife is usually tip up.

There are two main grips when it comes to the knife.

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