Salt And Sanctuary Best Class

Rushing to the dome of the forgotten and casting ray of searing found in the castle of storms while standing at the icon at the first sanctuary just inside above the entrance kills the four whispermen on the floor above you giving 1600 salt approximately once per five seconds with zero risk. Classes in salt and sanctuary determine the starting equipment and what skills from the skill tree the player begins the game with.

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Starting a new game as a level 1 pauper class character i chose to overpower it towards a dexterity focused build.

Salt and sanctuary best class. I d choose either the mage or the paladin. For salt and sanctuary on the playstation 4 a gamefaqs message board topic titled whats the best beginner class for 1st playthrough. Playing salt and sanctuary for a while and quite enjoy it.

While you might quickly find yourself thinking that it s best to just hack and slash your way through. Tree of skill just make sure you have class 2 light armor class 3 heavy armor whatever class of bow you want to get to class 3 pikeman if you want to use the kumo sasumata or naginata class 4 swords shikeimaru or 2 for taichi and you re set. But if i want to transmute a weap for example reapers i see only backward transmutation options.

The paladin starts you off with a high damage mace. You get a solid combo of weapons a shield you start at the dead center of the skill tree and you level 10 faster due to the ring. So that s it then.

Main stats are not affected by this choice and all classes begin the game with 5 in each of the 6 main stats. There are currently 8 known classes. The end result was obtaining a tachi v capable of dealing some solid damage per.

The best offense is a good defense and that s definitely true in salt and sanctuary. The best class to start with is the peasant with the grabbing ring. Classes salt and sanctuary.

12 aug 2018 19 20. This is pretty much just a fun restriction build. The mage is the only class that begins with magic flashfire so you have a ranged attack and it also comes with a ring link of fire and sky that nullifies elemental imbalance elemental imbalance happens when you use the same elemental spell too times in a row causing you to take damage.

Aug 22 2016 10 57am. If you beat the first boss you can start at level 12 13. Hey guys perhaps anyone has an idea.

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